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            1.    Which is the suitable statement for Pax fixed Oxygen system.
·         Pax Oxygen can be activated are reset from cockpit
·         Pax Oxygen can be activated and reset from cockpit
·         Pax Oxygen system activates automatically in case of decompression but can be
reset only from cockpit
·         Pax Oxygen system once activated (Automatically or Manually) cannot be reset.

            2.    What are the possible flows of oxygen through the individual quick doning full face mast                 in the cockpit.
·         Diluted Oxygen on demand, 100% Oxygen on demand or continuously.
·         Diluted Oxygen on demand or continuously, 100% Oxygen on demand only
·         Diluted Oxygen on demand or continuously, 100% continuously
·         Only two flows 100% Oxygen continuously, Diluted Oxygen on demand.

3.       At approximately what cabin altitude should the passenger oxygen masks drop
·         10,000 feet (+100, - 500 ft)
·         12,500 feet (+ or - 500 ft)
·         14,000 feet (+0, - 500 ft)
·         15,000 feet.

4.       What does an amber OXY on the ECAM Doors mean
·         The crew supply switch is turned off and/or oxygen pressure is less than 400 psi.
·         The crew supply switch is turned off
·         Oxygen pressure is less than 650 psi.
·         oxygen pressure is less than 300 psi.

5.       On which ECAM page could the flight crew check the exact pressure of the oxygen cylinder
·         The PRESS page.
·         The DOORS page.
·         The COND page.
·         The STATUS page.

6.       What is indicated by a missing green thermal plug during an exterior preflight
·         An oxygen system overpressure or thermal discharge.
·         This is normal indication, the green thermal plug only appears if the oxygen cylinder is low.
·         The crew oxygen bottle is empty.
·         An external fire discharge has been activated.

7.       Approximately how long are the passenger oxygen generators able to produce oxygen
·         15 minutes.
·         20 minutes.
·         25 minutes.
·         30 minutes.

8.       What is the main difference between the crew and the passenger oxygen system
·         There is no difference: both are served by oxygen cylinders.
·         Crew is supplied from an oxygen cylinder; passengers are supplied by chemical oxygen generators .
·         Both the crew and passengers are supplied with oxygen from chemical oxygen generators.
·         The crew has an oxygen bottle for an emergency back-up supply.

9.       What happens when the mask is used with the selection at 100% position
·         Mask is supplied with diluted oxygen on demand.
·         Mask is supplied with undiluted oxygen on demand.
·         Mask is supplied with undiluted oxygen continuous flow.
·         Mask is supplied with diluted oxygen on demand.

10.   What is the purpose of the CREW SUPPLY push button
·         When selected to ON, it supplies oxygen to the Captain & F/O only (jumpseats are not supplied)
·         When selected to ON, it allows the flow of low pressure oxygen to the crew's masks.
·         In case of low cylinder pressure it allows the crew to tap into the passenger oxygen system.

11.   Illumination of the SYS ON light is an indication that
·         The crew must depress the MASK MAN ON pb in order to deploy the masks.
·         Electrical power has been sent to deploy the masks, either manually or automatically.
·         The crew oxygen cylinder is empty.
·         All of the passenger masks have deployed.

12.   There are oxygen generators in each aircraft's galley
·         True.
·         False.

13.   What will depressing the guarded MASK MAN ON pb accomplish
·         A signal is sent to the chemical oxygen generators to start the flow of oxygen to the masks.
·         It manually sends a signal to open the oxygen mask doors.
·         Both are correct.

14.   When does passenger oxygen flow start
·         When the mask is pulled toward the seat.
·         When the oxygen doors open.
·         When the oxygen button is pushed.
·         When cabin altitude exceeds 14,000 ft


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