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A320 Neo

Airlines written exam Questions for A320 Pilots

Try to find Answers from your latest Fcom 

  • What is a waypoint?
  • What is aspect ratio? 
  • Till what time ISIS gives attitude indication after total electrical failure?   
  • How many extinguishers are there in APU? 
  • What power setting will FADEC keep on ground with flaps 2? 
  • What is the hpa expected at FL150? 
  • What will TAS show in climb below troposphere at constant Mach?   
  • Lever asymmetry comes when thrust lever are in which detent? 
  • What do you mean by RNAV?  
  • What light comes on outer marker? 
  • What measurement is shown from ILS centreline? 
  • What is RAM air used for?  
  • What is 1+F setting? 
  • What is short memory? 
  • What is vertigo? 
  • What is spatial disorientation?  
  • On which page is out flow valve position shown? 
  • From where APU fuel takes for operation? 
  • Gravity feeding can be done from which tanks?
  • What happens when APU fire push button is released out? 
  • Is alpha floor protection available when thrust levers are idle? 
  • When auto thrust is white is it active?  
  • Is side stick mechanically controlled? 
  • What does sel light means on RMP? 
  • What is SELCAL?.
  • How is cabin pressurization controlled?
  • What is AWR used for? 
  • In case of relight what fadec does? 
  • What is climb gradient in SE?
  • How is atmosphere maintained at 80km? 
  • Where is lambart chart most accurate? 
  • What if PTU fault light comes? 
  • In emergency elec config how are batteries powered?  
  • If Tas is 440 lss is 550! What is Mach?
  • If yellow fluid is lost what systems are lost? 
  • What is climb gradient in case of single engine?
  • How the navaids are auto turned? 
  • What if tail strike occurs? 
  • If touchdown zone RVR is 350, mid is 200. What is take off RVR? 
  • What if FAC fails how is rudder? 
  • What will cause THS and elevators to come to neutral position? 
  • APU bleed with wing anti ice?
  • What is hypoxia? 
  • BMC2 does what in case of one BMC1 fails? 
  • EGT's 195 degree advisory what is to be done? 
  • After 10 seconds pressure controller changes with other system.  
  • What if extract fan is pushed to override?   
  • How avionics improves cooling of system?  
  • Where n what colour on FMA is auto thrust engaged is showed? 
  • In which modes is weather shown? 
  • CI of 13 means what? Fuel of 1 minute as 13kg or 13mintues as 1 kg.? 
  • How is the max optimum altitude calculated?
  • During manual start with manual push button switch on. It uses both igniters. True or false? 
  • If the aircraft is unable to climb to an altitude set on FCU. What will happen?
  • When is the G load indication inhibited on lower ECAM.? 
  • What if EIU for an engine fails? 
  • What is A320 Alert height? 
  • Speed brake extension is inhibited when thrust levers are?
  • If an ADIRU 1 is failed move the rotary switch to? 
  • In case of pilot incapacitation what would be your action?  
  • Which are the cb's which have red caps? 
  • If an IDG overheat advisory comes what will be your action.? 
  • If blower or extract is in override condition how avionics cooling is achieved.?
  • Brake temperature for take off?
  • Whis MCDU page is not Sinc with eachother?